Author Topic: FEATURED NEWS: Leaks, Reports off Ministry of Truth's "Internal Files"  (Read 811 times)


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29 November, X017

"All men, from the humblest pauper to the gilded king seeketh the dominion of power in the chamber of their heart; what few know is that in all the days of their life, power seeketh its dominion over them." — Proverb from leaked files

Today, 29 November X017, PseudoLeaks publishes the internal files borrowed from Chamber 6, a major component of the Ministry of Truth's initiation and recruitment stratagem.  An anonymous source released these encrypted files for public viewing, and PseudoLeaks will continue their part in spreading further decrypted additions to the series if repeated threats of government interference emerge.

Chamber 6 is confirmed to be what has long been thought a rumor amongst many of the intelligence services of the Republic; its cadre of instructors have been drawn from numerous previously unknown Republic covert activity services, such as the Ministry of Love and the Republican Army's Special Forces Division.

Chamber 6 is believed to be both the methodology of the Ministry of Truth, and a collection of its historical operations and instructions.  Hints from some of the revealed documents imply a strong conditioning towards infiltrating all manner of civil and criminal organizations, and even government offices.  More disturbing is a pseudo-religious-like series of codifications passed down through the ranks which every initiate must commit to heart; evidently, it's one of the few surviving state documents which are allowed to exist from the pre-Republic era.  Data analysis reveals authorizations for operations provided by an unknown public servant by the name of Flask Dënton, with government efforts being made to pave his way to a more public-centered role in the Republic.  Further, eery detail is present in the meta-data befitting the description of a rumored role by one or more individuals as a 'Keeper', this official is to orchestrate the Ministry's infamous 'advanced questioning and information-retrieval' sessions with unfortunate captives, 're-educate' new operatives and agents, and serve as historian for the Republic's past.

"I have forgotten his name, but an experienced detective once told me that 'good cop, bad cop' works, two bad cops is better, and three is never a crowd."Grand Inquisitor Dënton


     |File Name|      |Product Name|        |HASHCRYPT|       |File Size|
   cmhsix.1.zfg        Chamber Six       2zlfdk10032anm4so12     736Z
   cmhsix.2.zfg        Chamber Six      9tc2n9bxc5o2i7aii9dh     521Z
   cmhsix.3.zfg        Chamber Six      i5a4hpr7sgn9poyfzo6y     117Z

A few of the codifications that have been uncovered are as follows:

"Discretion shalt preserve thee, understanding keep thee; for better than dagger be the hand that wieldeth it"

"A past lending hand doth not always be the property of a friend; the current exchange of blows need not guarantee an enemy"

"Two giants may be slain by the blade of his brother—
Yeh, for guilefully-placed accusation may maketh strength from the weak—
And both qualities of the fox and lion should thee possess"



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